Schedule a Consultation with Tom

I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant who provides consultation through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness. If you are working toward EMDRIA certification in EMDR, you can schedule either individual or groups with me. If you are working toward basic training through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness you can schedule individual or groups with me.  Any other scenario, please contact me.

Consultation is $55.00 per hour for individual consultations or $50.00 per two hour group for group consultations. Groups that do not have at least three participants may be cancelled.  All groups are telephone only.  Individual consultations may be done via phone or other method that you prefer (Skype, Facebook video chat, etc.).

Instructions for how to join groups on the telephone will be sent via automated message after your reservation is received.   For individual consultations, call Tom at: 330 442-0428 at the time of your individual consultation.